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What are inebooks?

Inebooks take you beyond conventional passive reading to a new concept of interactive enjoyment. You become the hero of your favourite books, with a choice of multiple storylines that lead to a variety of different endings.
You are totally in command. If your first decision doesn’t work out, simply choose another until you have the most satisfying answer. You’ll soon become as creative as the authors themselves!
Inebooks are ideal for banishing boredom. Bring them out when you have a crowded commute, a boring meeting, a tedious wait or simply time to fill in.
We regularly add new titles, so why not bookmark this website to keep track of the latest releases?



For the game fans amongst you inebooks has a sister site, inegames. You'll find Adventure, Puzzle and Strategy games to entertain you for hours.


How to buy an inebook

  1. Choose one of the featured titles on the 'Welcome' or 'Titles' pages.
  2. Click 'more info' to read about the inebook.
  3. Click 'free demo' to download on to your computer.
  4. Download the file
    onto your desktop computer.
  5. Select the registration option that comes up in your inebook on your PDA or PC and note down the Unique PDA Code.
  6. Return to the web site, enter the Code number, your credit card details, and receive the Activation Key to unlock the whole of your chosen inebook.

How to install on a Palm

  1. Choose the download that suits you best by choosing PalmOS 5, colour or grayscale. Please note that the greyscale versions are designed to be compact, so all the pictures will be low resolution - better quality greyscale Palm owners may prefer to load the colour version. PalmOS 5 downloads are the largest of them all as they feature sound samples and enhanced graphics.

  2. We also give you a choice of three different desktop downloads. The Desktop PC version is a self-extracting archive that will move your inebook files into your Palm Hotsync directory. The Desktop Mac version is a Stuffit archive that can be installed on any desktop, but is particularly suited to Apple Mac users. Finally the zip version is for Linux users, or anyone who prefers to work with zip files.

  3. The next stage is to HotSync® the software onto your Palm. If you are a new Palm user you can look here for a guide to using Hotsync. In any case, with every Palm download there is a set of instructions specially compiled for the inebook you are installing.

How to install on a Pocket PC

Choose the Pocket PC download for the inebook you want and then double click on the self-extracting archive. Your Pocket PC's ActiveSync® program will take care of the remainder of the installation.

If you are new to ActiveSync® there will be an explanation in your Pocket PC's user guide or you can read this article from Microsoft's web site.


How to install on a Windows PC

Choose the Windows PC download for the inebook you want and then run the self-extracting archive. This will install the software on your PC and start the inebook.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Which handheld and desktop computers do you support?

Our library of inebooks are currently available for Windows PCs, Palm compatible handhelds and Pocket PCs.

Do you intend to support any other Handheld Devices?

We are always looking to extend the coverage of inebooks to new hardware platforms, once the installed base is large enough to justify the cost of doing so.


How do I download an inebook onto my Pocket PC?

Select the inebook you want and press the 'Demo' button next to it. Choose to download the Pocket PC self extracting archive and the inebook will then be downloaded on to your computer. Note that this archive is for desktop PCs only - if you connect your Pocket PC to a Mac or Linux machine drop us a line at our feedback page and we will send you a version for your desktop.

After the download is complete you will need to perform an ActiveSync® operation to install the inebook onto your Pocket PC. If you are new to this you can look at your Pocket PC's user guide or read the following article.

Which Pocket PC devices do you support?

Our library of inebooks is available for the Pocket PC 2002, 2003 and Windows Mobile 2002, 2003 operating systems, used by all recent Pocket PCs.

Can I send my inebook to another Pocket PC?

Yes, you can do so by using the File Explorer program. Find the inebook you want to send, then tap the stylus on the name and hold it there for a few seconds. You will be shown a menu that includes the choices to beam the software by infrared link or send it via e-mail. If you use the infrared link make sure that the other Pocket PC is set up to accept infrared messages.

The beamed inebook will be an unregistered demo on the new Pocket PC.

Can I Change the Font Size?

There is no control within an inebook to set the font size at this time, but the Pocket PC itself can be configured to change the font size. The following article discusses this:


How do I download an inebook onto my Palm?

Select the inebook you want and press the 'Demo' button next to it. You will then be asked to choose what version suits you best. You will always be able to download a colour version of each inebook, and some titles give you the option of greyscale or PalmOS 5 versions as well. You then select either a self extracting archive for PCs, a Stuffit Archive for Macs or a zip file for Linux desktop computers.
After the download is complete you will need to perform a HotSync® operation to load the inebook onto your Palm. If you are new to the installation process there is an excellent guide available here:

Which Version of PalmOS™ do I need?

Our colour inebooks will run under Palm OS™ 3.5 or later. This includes all colour models, and all greyscale Palms except the Palm VII made over the last three years (the Palm VII can be upgraded to Palm OS™ 3.5). It is comapatible with PalmOS5 variable screen size.

We have greyscale versions of some of our titles which run under PalmOS™ 3.1, which will work on all Palm III and VII series machines. The greyscale versions of inebooks also have the advantage of using less of your Palm's memory.

We have PalmOS5 versions which work with variable size screens and produces sounds on standard PalmOS5 and later versions. These apply to Garmin iQue, PalmOne Treo, Tungsten, Zire, Sony CLIÉ and Tapwave Zodiac.

Which Palm™ devices do you support?

Inebooks can be used the following models: Acer, Garmin iQue, IBM Workpad, Palm™ III series, V series, VII series, M series, Zire and Tungsten, Handspring™ Visor and Treo, PalmOne, Treo, Tungsten, Zire, Samsung, Sony CLIÉ Symbol, Tapwave and all Palm compatible mobile phones.

Can I move my inebook onto a Palm memory card?

Inebooks will run from any memory expansion cards - SD cards, Memory Stick or Handspring Springboard cards. If you have already registered your inebook please be careful when moving the software onto the memory card. Some file movers will not move the file at all, but instead copy the file then delete the original - this will make your inebook unregistered again. If you do unregister your title then you can re-enter your activation key or contact us with proof of purchase to re-register.

Can I beam an inebook to other people's Palms?

Yes, you can. All of our titles are now available as a single file that can be beamed from the Palm desktop (i.e. the main Palm screen) and choosing "Beam" from the "App" menu. The beamed inebook will be an unregistered demo on the receiving Palm.

For older versions you need to select "Beam" from the "Book" menu once the inebook is running. Only older versions will have the Beam option available in the menu, so it is easy to tell the difference.

When I type text into my inebook nothing happens. What can I do?

To complete an answer you must inform the inebook software that you have finished typing. This is achieved by pressing the Done button on the virtual keyboard, or drawing a backslash ("/") in graffiti (which is the end of line graffiti symbol).

Can I use a Different Font?

There is no control within an inebook to set the font size.. However on the Palm you can change the size of fonts through what are known as 'hacks'. One good program that gives you a wide range of choices, and is free, is the Alpha Font Collection:

The book I purchased reset my Treo 650

There was a problem with the Treo 650 on earlier versions.

Load the latest version from any source. Our Web site is always the first to be updated. If you still have problems do not hesitate to contact us contact us at support.


How do I download an inebook onto my Windows PC?

Select the inebook you want and press the 'Demo' button next to it. Choose to download the Windows PC self extracting archive and the inebook will then be downloaded on to your computer. Double click on this file and this inebook will be installed on your Windows computer.

Which Windows PC devices do you support?

Our library of inebooks will run on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP.


How do I pay?

You will need to pay at the same time as you register the Inebook of your choice - see our detailed instructions on the Register page.

How secure is the information I give you for payment?

Interactive E Books Ltd, the company behind inebooks, use World Pay as its Secure Payment Gateway.

WorldPay uses state of the art security tools and techniques, both proprietary and unique, to ensure that you and your shopper are protected. Their systems also have inbuilt system redundancy and fault tolerance designed to provide you with a virtually uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The WorldPay systems have evolved over many years and throughout their history they have continuously sought and gained bank approval for their systems.

When you fill in the payment form and click the submit button, the details are not sent straight away. First, a secure link is set up between your browser and WorldPay and an encryption code is requested and received, which then wraps the order and transaction details before leaving the shopper's premises.

When you use a MasterCard payment card we use
MasterCard SecureCode


What do I need to do to register?

Go to the Registration Page on this website (select the 'Register' tab at the top of all web pages), select your inebook, and insert the Unique PDA Code that was shown on the screen of your PDA or PC after you 'played' the free demo.
Then, after paying, an Activation Key will be given to you, and this can be entered on the dotted line on your PDA or PC. The Activation key will be accepted in upper or lower case.

The inebook is then yours to enjoy.

How do I register if I bought my inebook at an online store?

To register an inebook purchased from one of our online store partners you need to use the prepaid registration page here

I can't register my inebook with the activation key!

Your activation key consists entirely of letters, you can enter it as:








Once you finish entering the last digit press the OK button. We are happy to help you if you have registration problems, just use the feedback form, including your name, activation key and when and where you purchased this inebook.

I did not recieve an email with the activation key for my inebook.

We are happy to resend activation keys if they are not received. However, with the regretable increase in spam recently you will need to ensure that emails from the address reach your inbox. If your spam filter stops emails from us, we usually don't know you haven't received our message (though some filters, notably for our customer "puppechow", do inform us that our email has been blocked).

We only send out technical support information from this email address. Unfortunately there are some spammers who will attempt to disguise their messages as being from a legitimate publically known email address such as ours, so your spam filter may have blocked one of these in the past.

Do I need to keep a note of my Activation Key or will it remain available for use at any time?

The Activation Key will not need to be entered again whilst the book is on your PDA or PC. If you ever delete the inebook you will need to enter the Activation Key again, or you can ask us to send it to you from the feedback form on this website. When requesting a resend of the key, please let us know when and where you bought your inebook to make our job easier.



Do I need a reader to use an inebook?

No, each inebook comes with its own built in reader. Because of the interactive nature of inebooks they are far more complex than an ordinary e-book, so none of the standard e-book readers can be used with them.

What can I do if I have a problem playing the inebook?

There is a help icon, "?", in the bottom left hand corner of the display which explains how to use your inebook. For specific help on this title, look at "Hints" under the "Book" menu. Otherwise you can contact by e-mail, or enter your query in our feedback form.


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