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What are inebooks?

Inebooks take you beyond conventional passive reading to a new concept of interactive enjoyment. You become the hero of your favourite books, with a choice of multiple storylines that lead to a variety of different endings.
You are totally in command. If your first decision doesn’t work out, simply choose another until you have the most satisfying answer. You’ll soon become as creative as the authors themselves!
Inebooks are ideal for banishing boredom. Bring them out when you have a crowded commute, a boring meeting, a tedious wait or simply time to fill in.
We regularly add new titles, so why not bookmark this website to keep track of the latest releases?



For the game fans amongst you inebooks has a sister site, inegames. You'll find Adventure, Puzzle and Strategy games to entertain you for hours.

Related Links - Software publisher of inebooks

Combatdisk is the software developer behind some of our most popular inebooks, including Goblin Bane, Puss in Boots and the Legends of Mystaris series of gamebooks.

Pocket Goddess - Serving up 98% PalmOS, and 100% fun!

We are very pleased to say that Pocket Goddess, one of the most respected commentators on the handheld scene, was the first ever inebook reviewer.

PDA Buyer's Guide: PDA reviews: Palm, Pocket PC, Smartphones and notebook computer reviews, shopping and sales.

PDA Buyer's Guide contains a comprehensive coverage of handheld hardware, software and accessories.

Your one stop resource for PDA gaming.

PDArcade are an excellent source of information on everything to do with handheld games.

Giving up to date news on PalmOS related software and hardware releases.

PDA 24/7 (formerly Clie World) is home to both the Clie Queen, a great supporter of inebooks, and the prolific reviewer David Eaton.

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