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Inebooks are easy to put down and pick up because they automatically load to the page where you last left off. Portability and platform flexibility are natural features of an inebook. Simply download the platform that suits your needs: Palm OS®, Pocket PC or Windows. After you choose your favorite platform, pick any title that interests you and download a demo version.
All of our books may be previewed before purchasing and are easy to install. Furthermore, new inebooks are regularly added to our inventory.

Dames are Trouble
free  demo Interactive Author: Michael Zerbo


Your name is Jim Novak, and you're a private investigator. You happened to fall into a trap that you warn your clients against: you fell for a beautiful gal with a taste for money. You had some good times, but when the cash ran out, so did she. As a goodbye present she stole what little loot you had left, your car, and whatever dignity you had remaining

Delve into the shady world of a hard-knuckled P.I., where danger lurks around the next corner and every alley has its tale. This snack-sized game is playable in a single sitting, and is available as a free download for Palm and Pocket PC platforms.
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