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Legends of Mystaris: The Flame of Illean
free  demo Interactive Author: TJ Harper


A highly interactive adventure with 130 colour illustrations!

"I highly recommend this game! I couldn't get enough and still continue to play it."
PDArcade Review

"The writing style and eventful content in this game will hook you for hours."
PDA Buyers Guide Review

The Flame Of Illean is the first interactive fantasy adventure in the Legends of Mystaris series.
Left as a baby outside the Adventurers' Guild in the city of Pelinor you and are now determined to become famous by retrieving the legendary gemstone known as The Flame of Illean.

To win you must battle monsters and escape tricks and traps, overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve your goal.

There are two opening scenarios, playing as a boy or a girl, which prepare you for the daunting challenge of ironman - and the almost impossible super ironman.
For more background to The Flame of Illean take a look at the Mystaris website, and also find out how you can have your name added to the Hall of Fame.

One Player's Comment:
"WOW! Great Adventure for the $
I had as much fun with this game on the small screen as I did Myst or Riven on my PC at 1/5th the price!

Many characters play out differently depending on what character you are playing and what objects you have. I got a little obsessed with this game and could not quit playing it until I had won all four scenarios!
Get a color Palm and play this game!"
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