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A Handful of Beans
free  demo Interactive Author: T J Harper


"...the wry, tongue-in-cheek humour will keep you coming back for more."
Review from Handheld Computing, July 02

Jack lived with his mother in a very small cottage. This tiny dwelling had no furniture except one wooden stool and a rickety table, so Jack and his mother had to sleep on the floor. They were very, very poor, and their life was dismal and uncomfortable.

When their old cow Bessie had to be sold Jack sets out for the market, without an inkling of the wondrous adventures that can arise from a handful of beans.

In this fairy tale world YOU decide what happens next. The possibilities open up before you:
Will Jack sell the cow for a handful of beans? Jack may find a giant's mansion, encounter a wizard, meet a scarecrow or be thrown into a vile dungeon.
Will he become a prince or a priest, or run away to sea?
With over 20 possible endings, this story can be read time and again.

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