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The Magical Pond
free  demo Interactive Author: Phillip Brinkerhoff


Enter a land where dwarves, elves, dragons, and pixies live.

Yet in this land lies a problem in a small town. An evil witch has cursed all the children except for one. You Barrydale must set out on an adventure and find the magical pond, which carries the cure to the curse. The journey will take cunning skills and wise decisions, for this witch will do everything in her power to prevent you from succeeding.

Good luck and may you find a way to help the children of Vandor!

Lands of Delorian web site
This book carries great value for it opens important topics such as: how to deal with peer pressure, consequences of lying and stealing, the importance of comprehension, reading, and responsibility, including how to deal with racism. It also shows how one can deal with drugs and alcohol when confronted! These topics are all inside this great fantasy tale that relates to real life society teenagers face today.
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