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Inebooks by Genre


Inebooks covers as rich a territory as much as ordinary 'linear' fiction does. The list below lets you peruse our inebooks by genre.

- Adventure
- Humorous
- Detective
- Fantasy
- Childrens
- Classic Fiction


What are inebooks?

Inebooks take you beyond conventional passive reading to a new concept of interactive enjoyment. You become the hero of your favourite books, with a choice of multiple storylines that lead to a variety of different endings.
You are totally in command. If your first decision doesn’t work out, simply choose another until you have the most satisfying answer. You’ll soon become as creative as the authors themselves!
Inebooks are ideal for banishing boredom. Bring them out when you have a crowded commute, a boring meeting, a tedious wait or simply time to fill in.
We regularly add new titles, so why not bookmark this website to keep track of the latest releases?

Question 1. Who does Hector James rent his rooms from?

Lord Wrexham
Mr Barnaby Crowder-Smythe
Mrs Mary Ethensthorpe
Reverend Frederick Postlewaite

Question 2. Which of the following places is not a taxicab destination?

The City
The Embankment
The East End
The West End

Question 3. Where in London does Hector work?

Bond Street
Fleet Street
Trafalgar Square
Tufnell Park

Question 4. What is the name of the gardener who looks after Earls Square?

Mr Davis
Mr Higgins
Mr Perry
Mr White

Question 5. Where would Hector travel to in order to visit the British Institute?

Bond Street
Charing Cross Station
Grosvenor Square
High Street Kensington

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